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   The Internet of things, watches, activity watchdogs, energy meters, scales, thermostats, bulbs, cars ... According to the sources, there will be between 25 and 50 billion objects connected in the world in 2020. At the scale of the individual, connected objects will modify the environment and uses in many areas, in particular those of health, agriculture, sport, industry , home and security. At the scale of a district, a city, a rural area or a region, they can also optimize energy management, streamline transport, contribute to securing a place, relevant and contextual information at economical level it give for example to the industrial the opportunity to take decision in time to monitor performance and increase production.

     These connected objects in the form of sensors will also enrich existing services within companies to optimize business processes or the industrial chain. they will be the source of new services. Finally, they will contribute to addressing major global economic challenges around the world. This is a new era that has opened up, the Internet of things.

     SMIRI engineering dedicates a department of research and development of IOT applications in the field of the industry to place itself future leader in the local market in the first place and international in the years to come.

    Many variants are possible in the global IOT architecture: Object, gateway, firewall, cloud, big data and web application. Hence the need to have multidisciplinary skills in electronics, embedded, computer network, telecommunication, web development, cloud and Big data.