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We are a engineering office operating in the field of information technologies. Our expertise and versatility have always provided us with the best integrated solutions to meet the most complex needs. Our role is to support the professionals to face the functional IT challenges of the company. We develop high-performance and optimized customized applications that perfectly align with the particularities of each business. We also provide our clients with our expertise to offer advice and services to help them achieving their goals.


Need to detect nonconformities in information system, or a particular technical advice.

Need to enhance or renew your IT infrastructure with the right software and equipments that align with your budget.

If you are looking to outsource your IT hardware maintenance or the management or your IT resources that make slow your progress.

Need to communicate your performance. We assure you 24/7 availability for your B2B and B2C relationships.

Need to manage your work. We develop web applications with performance, speed and maintainability of data.

Need to expand over new technological trends. We offer a R&D department dedicated to the IOT industry.

Be among the first to migrate to Industry 4.0 and take steps ahead of your competitors.

        The Industry 4.0 still said the smart industry or the connected industry is now the logical and inescapable evolution. In order to meet the needs of the market, whose quality standards are increasingly demanding, your plant must equip itself with the technologies necessary for the treatment and the transfer of information in real time a smarter interaction and a better coordination between the units. This technological advance is now possible thanks to IoT, a concept that has emerged to make life easier by connecting our home appliances to the Internet. 

        The IoT is finally available for your factory, making it possible to communicate between machines without being from the same manufacturer or using the same transmission techniques. SMIRI ENG has been investing for several years in the research and development of new innovative and economical solutions to allow your transition to industry 4.0 with confidence. We have developed a set of IoT solution able to ensure a secure migration of your equipment. With us the future is today.

Other Brands

site DuneVision

Our main objective is to reassure our customers that supplier supplied MWD / LWD services meet the highest level of quality available on the market and comply with the operational requirements of the assigned work.

site Elibot

Elibot is a Tunisian startup operating in Industry 4.0 and offering solutions for the Internet of Industrial Objects combining real-time data collected from assets, business systems and labor.