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Interactive Production Performance Manager

Following a long diagnosis observing some process of some industries in Tunis, it is observed that most quality services collect the information manually to generate the next day the KPIs (OEE, KOSU etc ...) in order to generate the statistics and the following take the necessary actions to remedy the failures of productions.

With our iPPM system the generation of its KPIs will be in an instant way, which will enable the gain of money through effective decisions.

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Managers and supervisors are in control of production performance, anywhere by mobile, ipads and line monitors to make decisions over time and get an overview of the situation.

Implementing iPPM in your facility is an investment plan not an extra expense for your business is an opportunity to perform better and get information as fast just in time.

  • Optimization of time. Identification of causes.
  • Performance control. Pushing operators and line production to accelerate.
  • Use the appropriate documentation version.
  • Easy access to information for quick decision-making.
  • Environmental considerations through paperless operations.
  • Archive data for any additional customer requests.